Infinite Fleet, the future of blockbuster video games?

Conquering space, Bitcoin and more: Infinite Fleet, the future of blockbuster video games?

Infiinite Fleet is about to reshuffle the cards of intergalactic conquest. After a long time talking about the synergy between blockchain technology and video games, here is the perfect illustration of a revolution in progress.

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Join the ranks of the USF

Infinite Fleet is a real-time strategy game that takes place in the far reaches of the universe. Massively multi-player, the development team has opted for Crypto Engine a graphic style based on the manga codes, and promises players a unique experience.

Developed by the Pixelmatic studio, the team brings together the finest protagonists who have made Age of Empires 4, Homeworld, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War a success. With Samson Mow at the helm, blockchain technology is at the heart of this new concept and explores as yet unsuspected possibilities.

You will play the role of the Commander of the United Sol Federation, and will lead a fleet whose sole purpose is to save mankind… just that! Projected into the 22nd century, your goal will be to eradicate the aliens of Atrox, who threaten our species with extinction.

You will have at your disposal a fleet of flying fortresses that you will have to evolve through planetary exploration and looting. Strategic alliances with other players will be essential to defeat the warring parties and regain control of the galaxy.

The collection of resources takes on a whole new dimension here. In contrast to current MMOs, you will be equipped with a native token, which you can extract from the game and keep in your own online wallet. This token can be redeemed for cash in a dedicated marketplace, and will allow even the most dedicated players to speed up the improvement of their fleet.

Two tokens to reign supreme

The ecosystem imagined by the creators of Infinite Fleet is based on two distinct tokens. Previously mentioned, the INF token represents the official currency of the game. It will allow the acquisition and exchange of virtual objects with users from all over the world.

Contrary to traditional games and their now archaic exchange systems, the INF is a cryptomonnaie. As such, it will truly belong to the players, who will be able to enjoy total flexibility. Exchanging for various digital assets, improving items, the boundary between virtual and real has never been so tangible.